who we are

We offer a range of creative solutions, all designed to help your company reach its goals. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or completely fresh new product, we are the unique advantgage you've been looking for. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need. CEO Joshua Lutz (credits include Joss Stone, Lil' Wayne, Virgin Records, T-Mobile and Al Green) is a graduated conservatory artist and audio engineer, graphic designer, web designer, model/actor,  licensed app developer and professional photographer/videographer.

Our IT staff is comprised of over 120 amazingly talented professionals who specialize in Responsive Web Development, ASP.net,  CSS and PHP development, Mobile App Development and we are the industry leaders in security and protection for our web design and development. 

We are currently transitioning into a new and exciting building platform called WebFlow which is the fastest hosting on the planet at 70ms for core files  thanks to unique responsive images features. We offer a completely managed hosting solution with  zero hassle that will save you time and money. Cutting edge tech putting you ahead of your competitors.

The CNY team also offers tried and true branding services, consultant services and video/photo editing services. For startups and growing businesses, we are your one stop shop for top tier creative solutions.

HOW WE GIVE BACK:  In February 2016 I created a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization called Random Acts Of Songs that brings joy through live music to those who need it most; in nursing homes, DJJ facilities and orphanages across the tri-state. We are so much more than just chaotic bodies floating through life alone. We need to support each other, be proud of everyone around us and lift them up as high as we can! RAS NY is our way of giving back to those who need it most. - JML

Visit us at www.RandomActsOfSongs.org


"I have worked with Josh extensively over the years and can easily say he's one of the most talented people I've ever known! If there's a creative task needing assistance, there's no one I trust more to bring it to completion.

A true renaissance man!"
   - Joe Babiak | www.JoeBabiak.com


"Josh is the BEST. He gets the job done on time and consistently exceeds our every expectation. He is the only designer I've worked with who talks the talk and walks the walk."
  - Yoon Illee | President of Dreambody Cuisine Co. NYC

Joshua Mark Lutz, President


"I consider Joshua Lutz a business partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments and overall consistent in meeting my expectations in the field of web design and more. Josh’s ability to converse in a clear understandable way makes collaborative efforts a breeze. We're just thankful we found him!"
     - Michael Sutcliffe | Digital Marketing Manager, United Adult Ministries




"Joshua is a man of extraordinary ability and compassion. He came to our facility and presented our clients with an incredible exercise class, a moving musical performance tailored to our population, and an engaging discussion on fine art. A true renaissance man armed with a swiss-army knife of talents."

  - Mark Redling | Program Director, NJ Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare


everyone has ideas but only wild imagination can "see" THE unique vision AHEAD.